Car tires: all the news for autumn 2017

The tire market is perpetually renewed, and car tire manufacturers are always working to produce ever-performing, safe, durable and low-impact products.

In this article, we will see the greatest news in tires market for Autumn 2017, and we will focus on the three biggest brands in Europe: Firestone, Continental, and Pirelli.


Already available on the market since the beginning of 2017, the Firestone Roadhawk proved to be one of the most popular innovations this year in the industry, and will probably still be the best seller for the coming autumn. The Roadhawk has been designed for lasting long time, delivering high and steady performance even after the first 20,000 km distance.

The tire has received Class A in the “wet grip” category, plus it guarantees complete stop three meters lower than the average.


This year, Continental focused all the efforts to the four seasons tires, presenting the AllSeasonContact. It is a rubber for all guide styles with excellent performances in all driving conditions, as it has been designed to provide outstanding performance both in the summer and in winter.

The tire has been rated B both in the “rolling resistance” and “wet adhesion” categories; this is evidence that the German brand has preferred to achieve a consumer friendly product not intended for the few who prefer sports driving but rather to a Large-scale distribution.

It will be available in 30 measurements, in a range ranging from 14 to 18 inches.


Since the new Chinese management has taken over the company’s fate, Pirelli focuses its know-how on the production of tires for the private market, while still keeping the quality of its products really high. The same quality that is allowing Pirelli to return to the stock market (sources about Pirelli IPO:, Pirelli reports growth ahead of IPO and Pirelli Reportedly Racing to Milan IPO Valued at Nearly $11 Billion)

The Cinturato P7 Blue, one of the rare consumers who has recently gained a double A value, is one of the best choices for this autumn.